St. Joseph's F.C Convent, Kannadiurumpu

Place : Kannadiurumpu
Established Year: 1888
Address: Kannadiurumpu P. O Pala Kottayam (Dt)
Pin: 686575
Phone: 04822 212315

Kannadiurump is a small village comes under the Cathedral church of Palai Diocese.

            Kannadiurump is very important in the annuals of the history of FCC. Our founding mothers stayed here for many years prior to the establishment of the congregation and were engaged in various apostolic works like helping the poor and needy. This is the third house of FCC which was started in 1888.

            In1988 when FCC centenary was celebrated, a lighted lamp was carried solemnly from Kannadiurump to Changanasserry. Almost all members of the congregation participated in it.

            It was the ardent desire of the founding mothers, hailed from Pala, to open a house at Kannadiurump where they stayed first. With the permission of the Bishop Mar Thomas Makkeel , sisters from Changanasserry came to Kannadiurump, stayed here opened a house here with the help of the Well -Wishers of that Place. Their life was hard. They lived in poverty doing hard work and begging. They looked after the orphans and destitutes. They taught the children, making them sit in the convent veranda. During that time Rev.Fr.  Mathew Kadalikkattil was appointed as their chaplain. All those fathers who were their chaplains, helped them and were very generous. Attracted by the good examples of the sisters, many young girls from Pala and the surrounding areas joined the convent. From the very beginning there was free boarding for poor children. They did many services in the Bishops House also. In the present community there are twenty eight members. The sisters who worked hard in the beginning are now old and sick. Still they continue their apostolate by sitting in front of the tabernacle and interceding for the whole world. 

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