Lourde Matha F.C. Convent, Perumthuruth
Place : Perumthuruth
Established Year: 1988
Address: F.C.Convent Perumthuruth P.O. Kallara Kottayam Dt.
Pin: 686 611
Phone: 04829 -267876

Perumthuruth in the Taluk of Vaikom, is a village in the border area in the Pala - EKM Diocese. The parish priest Fr. John Mattam knew that if a convent is opened in this interior village, where journey is difficult and other developmental works are less, it would be much helpful for the primary education of children and the activities of the perish. He discussed this matter with the Provincial Superior. The province had decided early, to open convents in interior villages, so that the sisters could work for the good and progress of the parish and the people. So the provincial Council took it as a chance and decided to open a convent at Perumthuruthu.
    Three areas of the land near the church was purchased from the owner and cut down the rubber trees and began to construct the building. A small building was completed first for the temporary stay of the sisters and to be used as a nursery school afterwards. This building was  blessed on 8th Dec. 1998 and four sisters are staying there. After one year sisters shifted to the  new convent . Nursery was started in June 1999. The villagers were very happy to have a nursery school in their own village and 20 children came to study in the new school. The parishioners also came for the annual celebrations of the school. Attached to the convent there started a Homeo Dispensary and Dr. Sr. Tessy was Doctor-in charge. In this place was full of canals and paddy fields and the people were poor farmers.
     The presence of sisters, their activities, prayer, family visits etc. made the people really happy.
    Now this village has grown much financially and culturally. As the number of patients reaching in the Homeo Dispensary was less. Slowly the dispensary was closed down. In the nursery school also the children are less now. Through the various activities the family visists, activities for the welfare of women, leadership of pious organisations, prayer fellowship, faith formation etc. the sisters are working as the salt and yeast of the parish.

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